Company Solvency

Our solvency assessments allow you to make a correct assessment of your business partners and make secure decisions in the B2B sector.

We check your clients and business partners

Do you know exactly what the economic situation of your customers and partners is? Are you looking for solutions that will guarantee that the business decisions you make are conducted safely? With our creditreform creditworthiness reports, you have the opportunity to properly assess your customers and analyze business risks and opportunities – both locally and internationally.

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We have the right solution


It is the most complex creditworthiness report and provides detailed information for a successful business strategy. The report includes: Credit index, credit limit, shareholder, negative data, financial data for 3 years, chart of changes in financial indicators and other information requested by the client.

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The thorough evaluation of business partners can help avoid the risk of non-payment. The report includes credit index, credit limit, shareholding, negative data, financial data for the last 3 years.


New business connections can mean new development opportunities. The report includes the credit index, credit limit, shareholding, negative data.


Sometimes economic decisions need to be made as soon as possible. It is recommended to use this type of report when transactions involve small amounts. The report includes a risk class, negative information and financial data for the past 2 years.


Even small partners can contribute to the liquidity of your company. A short assessment of the company may be necessary. You receive important data such as company name and status, address, contact details, inclusion in a risk class, negative information.

What information can you get from us?

In order to obtain a solid basis for B2B business decision-making, we provide information in various forms. As a basis, each information contains general company data. This includes not only your name, address, phone number or email address, but also your company registration number, your business name.

In addition, an important component is the assessment of the financial situation of the requested company, for example the setting of the credit limit. Using the credit index, the company is classified into a risk class. Also, the assessment of credit limit, payment capacity, legal form, date of establishment of the company and registration with the Trade Register - as well as details of the management structure and the power of representation.

Depending on the chosen options, additional information such as shareholder structure, turnover, financial data, payment history can be provided.



  • You will receive current and carefully verified business information – presented in a clear form.
  • Achieve decisive reliability in the correct assessment of the solvency of companies – national and international.
  • You can monitor all existing customers and suppliers in the country and abroad and follow your business partners.
  • Our assessment is reliable – thanks to a database that we continuously fill and update.