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The precollection procedure involves monitoring and controlling the cash flow of the invoices issued. The creditor will receive more quickly the money related to the issued invoices by accelerating payments and inducing a payment discipline for all business partners.

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Payment claims

We offer tailored solutions for collecting outstanding debts - from the early collection procedure to the court collection procedure. Our services ensure that payments are received quickly - even if your business partner is located abroad.

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In Court

Judicial proceedings - late or contested debts

The basic steps in all court proceedings where payment is requested follow the same scenario: the application is submitted to the court by the legal representation of the creditor, the application is analyzed and, after further investigation and possible actions to challenge or argue the process, the court reaches a decision The decision will be enforceable or attacked by the losing party.

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Collection and receivables management with competent support

For us, receivables management does not just begin with collection. We support your business processes right from the start our main objective being to recover debts without compromising the relationship with your partner. Starting actions at an early stage and the strong emphasis on negotiating with debtors allow the recovery of all or a significant part of it, without to notify the court. You can contact us at any stage of the collection process. We are happy to advise you and discuss the best solution for your needs.

Advantages: Why choose us?

  • High success rate thanks to Creditreform creditworthiness data

  • Individual approach of our collection experts

  • Success-oriented collection conditions

  • Easy transmission of debt collection cases

  • Up-to-date insight into collection processing

  • Acceptance of debt collection cases abroad

  • Fair dealing with debtors



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