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Receive marketing data from a professional in business information reports!

New customers must be checked from the solvency point of view

The care and strengthening of existing relations to clients is an important matter. Another thing is a long-term growth for your company. You may secure „fresh blood“ for your clients by acquiring interesting new customers. However, it is necessary to pay attention: risk management starts at marketing – not every potential client is also a good client.     
So use your sales craft efficiently and directed to goal and you may acquire exclusively clients with good quality and minor failure risk. For special offers, you may address us.

Are you looking for new business partners?

We will select, in the framework of Marketing-Actions current cutting-edge addresses of Romanian and international companies in compliance with different criteria.

What contains the marketing data-base?

- Information about potential clients, as defined by the client

- Identification data for active companies, on the criteria specified by  the client

- Useful information freshly investigated for marketing campaigns

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