We provide you with information that helps to calculate your risks!

Would you like to know what your client’s creditworthiness looks like?

Would you like to take a look at his finances? It’s never been as easy. Make the right decision and take advantage of Creditreform reliable business information service.

  • Business Information Services - description

    The credit report shows a complete image on the subject company profile and it constitutes in the most useful risk management tool.

    At the end of the report there are mentions concerning subject’s payment behavior and our recommendations regarding the business relations with the subject-company.

    All relevant features to a customer's creditworthiness are reviewed - from liquidity, turnover and equity structure through to mode of payment and structural features such as legal from. Each criterion is individually appraised and the results condensed into two overall grade: the Creditreform solvency index and credit limit.

  • Advantages of Creditreform Romania credit reports
    • Reliable appraisal of customer risk and selection exclusive of safe partners for your business
    • Support in your decision making process by objective evaluation of the subjects Saving internal resources of your company by externalizing this research to Creditreform Romania
    • Easy interpretation of the credit report content
    • Solvency index and limit credit calculated based on specialized risk know-how 
    • OFF-LINE credit reports about Romanian companies and worldwide companies – freshly investigated at the moment of your order, but also ON-LINE credit reports – downloaded as existing in Creditreform database
  • How many types of credit reports exist?
    • OFF-LINE credit reports about Romanian companies and worlwide companies – freshly investated at the moment of your order
    • ON-LINE credit reports – downloaded as existing in Creditreform database
  • Company monitoring

    Creditreform monitoring services offer an easy and efficient way to receive information on your partners, keeping track of the changes that can affect, for example, their financial standing. Our services will really help you take decisions in due time, before the unpleasant “events” your customers or suppliers are confronted with affect your business, too.

    The monitoring period consists of 12 months

    The monitoring service starts by sending a fresh, complete credit report on the subject company, in normal delivery term - this initial credit report represents the base for the whole monitoring period

    The initial report is followed by follow-up reports (new credit reports, including recalculation for SOLVENCY INDEX and CREDIT LIMIT).

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