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High-speed online access to the Romanian and international information on companies.

Access to the on-line database of the Romanian business reports

The credit reports on Romanian companies are available also on-line. Creditreform Romania data-base contains all relevant active Romanian companies and, based on an user and password, you can download in real times the credit reports you want. The price for economic information is regulated according to valid price list and it is dependent upon the quantity of pre-paid items (so-called item account) for compensation of services.

Romanian Credit reports - ON-LINE data base

Access to on-line database of the European business reports

Creditreform is offering you relevant and updated information about European and international companies via BIGNet (BIGNet - Business Information Group Network).

This association has taken its origin by unification of forces of independent agencies, which, in their countries, provide business and credit reports to their proper clients. The company Creditreform is the dominating deliverer of economic information in the framework of the group BIGNet.

European credit reports - BIGNet Data-base

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