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  • Creditreform Romania

    Creditreform Romania was established in 1991 in Bucharest and is the first Romanian private company offering to its clients credit reports about Romanian or foreign companies and debt collection services. Now, having over 20 years of experience, a solid database, qualified personnel and the know-how of our German partner, we are offering to our domestic and foreign clients high-quality services.

  • Creditreform International

    With more than 130 offices all over Germany and 21 European country offices, one dynamic office in China, we are close to the local markets, companies, debtors - and our customers. The closeness to the local markets represents the unique groundwork for our core competences in the fields of business information and debt collection. A strong central association ensures continuous progress in developing new services in order to support and optimize your business processes along the customer value chain.

  • About Creditreform

    The organisation Creditreform was established in 1879 in Mainz with the objective to protect the members against consequences of receivable failures. As for this aspect, nothing has changed up to now. Creditreform is your competent partner for effective and integrated credit and risk management solutions on a local, national or international level.


Creditreform Romania

Decebal Tower, 62 Turturelelor Str., 7th fl.
030882, Bucharest, Romania



Alexandra MIU
Managing Partner

mobil: +40 743.028.079


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